Saturday, January 4, 2014

et tu?

We like leftovers around here and what leftover doesn’t benefit from a fried egg? 
Or two.

I had some shallots and two halves of roasted winter squash on hand; half an acorn and half a butternut. 
So I whipped up some linguini and put the shallots into the oven.

This is easy to remember, it uses two of just about everything. Start the pasta water now.

Take about a pound of shallots, peel them and sauté them brown in two tablespoons of olive oil mixed with two tablespoons of brown sugar. 

When they brown and the sugar caramelizes dump in two tablespoons of sherry, two more of balsamic vinegar, two more of chopped fresh thyme.

Salt a little, grate some pepper, mix it about and put them into a hot 375oven to soften further.
Now make your pasta, then peel, cube and nuke the leftover squash, slip a soft fried egg on top. 
Oh yeah. :-)

Place your roasted shallots around the perimeter and grate more pepper and good reggiano or padano over the whole thing.

Quick winter supper with a glass of cabernet, too good!

Friday, January 3, 2014

uncivil servant

Mayor de Blasio campaigned on the promise of a more inclusive City Hall and then went on to publicly core Mayor Bloomberg a new asshole at his swearing in.


Speakers invited and vetted by de Blasio’s team referred to our city’s justice system as “Dickensian” and prayed we were "set free from the shackles of partisan politics.”

How's that again?

De Blasio is every bit as partisan 
as any mayor before him. 

Brooklyn Democratic district leader Betty Ann Canizio tweeted: 

Every speaker had something denigrative to say.
Only President Clinton had the simple grace to thank ex-Mayor Bloomberg for 12 years of no-salary service that proved central to bringing our city back from the brink of near-depression.


I voted for Bill de Blasio.

But I’ll vote against him if this exemplifies his leadership. 

Even the Israeli press took notice.

welcome, if you catch our drift

Thursday, January 2, 2014

watts the buzz, tell me whatsa happenin’

New York Daily News
So as of yesterday, 
marijuana’s legal and certain lightbulbs aren’t.

Go figure.

By now you know that Colorado voted to legalize and tax pot under Amendment 64, with the first $40 million in sales tax going to their public school system.

So here is all you need to know:
1. 21 and older.
2. You can purchase up to 1 lid if you live in state, but only ¼ if you live out.
3. Cash only.
4. No public consumption. Huff it inside somewhere.

And that’s about it. 
Marijuana is gaining footholds everywhere.

Yesterday folks stood in the sleet to make their first legal purchase.
And this, also according to reddit, is the actual, historic first. 

Special thanks to Colorado for putting the Denver stores on a helpful get-high map, like the “Denver Kush Club.”  lol

So have fun and underwrite your school system, Colorado. 

Just whatever you do...

don’t get caught with the wrong lightbulb.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

bearly survived

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

time for Bratton’s watch

New York City was a dangerous place in the 1980‘s and early 1990‘s.

Squeegee men were everywhere.


So were panhandlers. 
The crime rate soared and people stayed indoors when they could.

The murder rate in New York City peaked in 1990 under Mayor David Dinkins, an historic high of 2,254 killings.

Last year we recorded 417 murders, the lowest since the NYPD started keeping track in 1963. 

This year, we are on track for about 333.

Like it or not, Stop and Frisk took 8,000 weapons off the street in 2013, 800 of them illegal handguns.

Mayor Elect Bill de Blasio said he will “push for real reforms in stop-and-frisk... to immediately end the overuse and abuse of this tactic.”

Because statistical guidance violates civil right, I’m cool with old white guys being stopped as long as everything else is evenhanded, too. 

In our SoBro neighborhood cultural respect is the name of the game, but let us not go back to the future.

Happy New Year.

Monday, December 30, 2013

you say you want a revolution

"well you know, we all wanna change the world.”

Plutocracy creeps over us like a frog in ever-warming water, and a protest adopts Guy Fawkes as their symbol.

Canadian government responds by making it illegal to wear a mask in public gathering.

Millions wore this icon-of-anarchy in 400 cities back in November as a sign of solidarity with the common man.


Ironically, these masks are made in third world sweatshops.


And how is this for more irony? 


According to TIME in 2011 this corporate protest icon was the best selling item on Amazon. 

Amazon grossed $61 billion in 2012.

And if that is not enough, the image is actually owned by TIMEWARNER,  one of the largest media corporates in the world at $28 billion a year.

So each time a protest mask is purchased 
both corporations collect a fee.