Saturday, December 21, 2013

Thursday, December 19, 2013

holidays are taxing

If you are hiding billions in a Swiss bank account as I am,
 you might want to check this out.

The US DOJ cut a deal with UBS Bank for helping American clients illegally hide $20 billion dollars, earning about $200 million a year for their malfeasance. 
Dozens of banks are still doing this but the times,

 they are a changin’.

Now UBS has settled for $780 million and a loss of certain licenses. And that settlement has set the table for the rest of Switzerland banking.

Now Swiss Banks are urging their American clients to confess.

They have until December 31st to turn us over to our Department of Justice or go the way of UBS.
Swiss banking as we’ve known it is finally coming to an end. 
Okay. I confess. 

You’d better, too.

merry christmess


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

are my weapons free?

“Uh.. that’s a negative 212 you’re in residential airspace lock it up.”

SanFrancisco artist Alex Cornell attached a GoPro camera to a DJI Phantom Drone.

“Neighborhood watch, initiate.”

He shot the city from 1000 feet and down at street level.

“212 sector A-2 is down.”

Then he wrote a futuristic surveillance audio script.

“Civilian take out, yup. Mm-hm.”

It’s fascinating. And chilling.

“Uh..yeah, it’s the third one. Okay. Yup.”

light disappointment

Looks like the full moon, right?
It’s not.

It’s just a recessed uplight in the sidewalk.
I’ll bet there’s a cool picture if I place the camera on the light and shoot straight up. Right?

Ghostly rays around the lens and all that? Right?

Nah. It just took a picture.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

out of the blue

Tiffany’s first used their blue on the cover of their catalog in 1845, 20 years before Lincoln was President and over 40 years before our ClockTower was even built.

They own that blue now. No one else can lawfully use it for a retail image. 

Pantone calls it #1837 although as a trademarked color, it is not available in their swatch books.

The concept of a Tiffany gifting box was introduced in 1853. This box held the grand prize at the Parisian 1878 World’s Fair.

This color has been a recognized symbol of luxury around the world since 1845.

Now you know.