Saturday, October 10, 2015

sushi to the third power

Every modern nation has its fastfood. 

Burgers in America are like cod in Scandinavia and raw fish to the Japanese.


Excellent tempura is everywhere in Japan.

So is delicious, hand-assembled Ramen.

We even saw charcoal-grilled, street oysters as a snack.

But nothing even comes close to Japan’s obsession with fast sushi.

The assemblage, plating and service is so automated that 15 sushi chefs can keep almost 200 people eating.

How do they do it? Conveyor belts.
Sushi restaurants are designed and built for efficiency, and color coding helps you quickly sort the prices.

These colors range from $1.25 to about $5.50 for the plate.
 It adds up fast.

But that’s in part because of the speed at which it is selected, prepared, delivered and consumed.

This fun video will blow your mind. 

Japanese sushi 1) service and 2) selection is a 3) science.

Have a great Saturday night!

(eely good)

Friday, October 9, 2015

what might he have thought

John Lennon would have turned 75 today.

wrenching developments

There is a terrific photo essay in the New York Times this week.

It explains how greasy auto repair has been the economic underpinning of Bronx families for years.

Men turn wrenches in this neighborhood to put food on the table.

Glassy hi-rises are the beginning of the end for them.

You can see the essay here:

Soon SoBro as we knew it will be history.

Have a thoughtful weekend.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

he can run but he cannot Hyde


British Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is a political leftist firebrand.

Largely Socialist, he’s been advocating abolishing the monarchy for as long as anyone can remember.


But now Jeremy has a problem.


Like most Americans, the Brits are tired of business as usual and in a September surprise they elected long-shot Corbyn and his cohorts in a landslide.


He’s been invited to join Queen Elizabeth’s “Privy Counsel”, an insider briefing essential for governance since Queen Victoria in 1837.

But the swearing in ceremony involves a rather elaborate form of lowering yourself to the monarch, kneeling before her and swearing allegiance to her sovereignty.


So faced with an embarrassing meeting that conflicts with the basis of his authority, Jeremy Corbyn did the only thing a politician of integrity can do.

He skipped out. 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

morning do


The secret to getting started is to start.

Not being inspired is a condition that affects only amateurs.

Professionals work as well uninspired 
as they do when their muse appears.

Waiting for the perfect idea would mean (for me) never drawing a single line.

But every pencil line gets me closer to a completed design.

So to paraphrase William Faulkner, "I only work when I’m inspired."

"It's just lucky I’m inspired at 9am every morning."

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

if you can't beat 'em

a little bit healthy

he ain’t heavy, he’s big brother

It wasn’t all that long ago when under 30’s in America actually cared.

We’d turn out by the millions in Washington, and we forced
 civil rights, gay rights, woman’s rights.

Today Facebook is where under 30’s gather, and it’s hard to argue with success.

Last week the UN hosted a luncheon that brought together Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame and Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany.

Mark controls the flow of modern information and Angela has an interest in editing that flow.

Unfortunately for both, 
their conversation was overheard on UN tv.

She flat out told him to stop publishing German citizens who voiced issues against mass migrant immigration.

But instead of:
 “The people shall be free to publish what they believe!” 

Mark made clear he is ready to play ball.

Ask yourself if this outrages you. 

Or not.

I’m guessing as long as FaceBook loads this morning you don’t care that they are censoring opinion for a foreign government.

And if you don’t--just be honest with yourself-- you don’t care that much about knowing the truth of what goes on. 

And if that's true, perhaps you shouldn’t even be voting.

Then we’ll deserve whatever government FaceBook hands to us.