Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Fun Theory, in Stockholm

Does anyone else think this is awesome?

Makes me wish I was only one inch tall.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Remember the conventional wisdom works to nominate Sarah Palin as the Republican presidential candidate by encouraging Democrats and Independents to actually vote for her in open state primaries. 

In head-to-head polls with President Barack Obama, Palin consistently fares worse than other possible Republican candidates because of her divisiveness. If Palin is nominated, Obama has a far better chance of winning reelection in November 2012.

Some think this is just a sophomoric and polarizing tactic that diminishes the political landscape. Other’s think it might be evidence the Democrats are finally getting it.

Of course this could backfire. Remember the conventional wisdom that George Bush, the bumbling fratboy from Texas, would be a Kerry pushover in the 2004 main election?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

But cold and wet means healthy

I like our new glass entry door.

High quality and very handsome.

Doubles our front door security.

Easy to operate and works on the same key.

Swings conveniently in both directions.

Attenuates street noise.

Allows natural light in while keeping cold air out.

Even the installation went smoothly.

The only noticeable drawback?

The occasional dog nose. :-)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

in the vapors

“Uhhhh...roger that Flight 112... 
maintain your northeast bearing to 138 then take a left
 at the projects.”

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

SoBro artists, for free lighting, a call for submissions

ClockTowerTenants lost a creative guy and a very good friend back in November when we lost LanceLee Trimm, but his quirky eye and vintage lighting obsession lives on in his unique and very cool, personal collection of period lighting fixtures. It’s time to give them away.

Some are from TV production, others from theatre but each was used in our ClockTowerSalon and one could make a fine addition to your art studio.
We have four different types of lighting available for free upon request; please drop us a note through the contact link on the right with an image of your work and we’ll reply with a confirmation so you can stop by his loft and pick one up for your home or studio.

The footlights, also known as ground-rows are six feet long and burn anything with a household lightbulb base. Bring a friend and carry one away.

This is the effect on a wall and you can add color if you like.

We also have small leko’s, these burn a special lightbulb but have more control and can be used to pick something out of a tableau.

They have “shutters”, too, so you can trim the beam to light sculpture like this:

Some need a wire and plug, others are ready to go. 
All are fantastic.

We also have large Kliegl scoops, tv studio lights that produce enormous volume, a large splash of clean, white light.

These can double as a fine worklight or on a dimmer, a residential light, too.

See the effect on the wall above? 

And finally, we have two fresnels that need a bit of work but can be awesome lights in your kitchen or living room. I’ll teach you how to get them ready.

Painters, sculptors, photographers, performers, or just a friend of Lance, hit us up and send a photo of your work. We’ll make sure you get the right fixture and arrange for you to pick it up. Lance surely would have approved that his lights will live and work on in the art community he loved so well.

normally takes about 4 to 6 weeks