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Almost half of all teens used the iPhone last year, and that rose to 61% in the first quarter of 2014.

That’s double the percentage from just 2 years ago. 

The #1 brand in electronics is increasingly cool among teens, with a new phone to launch in the fall.

NIKE is also cool.

NIKE is the #1 brand in apparel and like Apple, 
on a financial roll.

What’s their secret?

Tim Cook. 

That’s him on the left with the late Steve Jobs.

You probably remember when Jobs passed away, but did you know the name of his successor? 

The man who runs APPLE also sits on the Board of NIKE. 

Both are superpowers in their industry.

Coincidence. Maybe.

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this hass to improve

Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, 
lives out at the edge of its rings.

neigh-sayers way back when

F. Scott Fitzgerald once said “The rich are different from you and me” and the Harlem River Speedway is fine evidence.

Or what’s left of it, anyway.

Construction began in 1894, 
about 8 years after our ClockTower.

Wealthy men with names like Beekman and Vanderbilt were racing horse-drawn carriages down Seventh Avenue while cops turned a blind eye.

Things were getting dangerous and so taxpayer money was used to create a playground for New York City’s elite, 2 ½ pristine miles of world class racing track along the Harlem River.

It ran from 155th Street all the way to Dyckman Street in Inwood.

Budgeted at $1 million and completed at five times that in 1898, it was cheered by the wealthy but denounced by the middle class.

During the time of its construction, the Mayor had regretfully announced that $150,000 could not be found to build a public library.


In fact, “A Horseman’s Paradise” in the November 1898 issue of Munsey’s Magazine derided “the men -– a few hundred at most – who own fast horses and want to ‘try them out,’ while “the Speedway money could have built thirty school houses.”


Still, it was a big hit with the well off for about a dozen years until the auto came along.

It was opened to motorists in 1919 and paved over three years later, renamed the Harlem River Drive.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

not feline it


With Easter right around the corner and the California bunny death toll spiraling, Mountain View City Council is split on what to do. 

Mountain View is a suburb of San Francisco and notable for being home to Google.

But there is concern that feral cat gangs are killing off the local bunny and bird population, but the cat lobby is stalling protective regulation.

The Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society states that cats kill billions of small mammals and birds every year, so much so that 33% of all migratory species are in decline.

Wild rabbits are stalked and captured, 
then tortured and left for dead.

The cats are noticeably not in decline but would be, if city council members had their way.
They are pushing new regulation to protect the threatened natural wildlife in the North Bayshore region.

This doesn’t seem all that complicated to me.

A) If they want their wildlife dead, leave cats alone.
B) But if Mountain View wants birds and bunnies for next Easter, they know what to do.