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bought and paid

This pedophilic Roman Catholic priest story is particularly enlightening to the mindset of the church.

A woman called a child abuse hotline to report the Reverend Bartley Sorensen, 62, was viewing images of young boys posing naked or engaged in sexual activity with adult males on his computer in the rectory of St. John Fisher Church, where he was the pastor.
She saw the image of a boy 5 to 10 years old and naked from the waist down, under the caption "Hottie Boys" on the priest's computer.
Now the Revererend Sorensen is facing new federal charges, using church funds to take several trips alone, traveling to Amsterdam.
Here is the official quote from his attorney:
“Asked about the federal indictment, Sorensen's attorney Patrick Thomassey said: "It seems like the federal government should have bigger and better things to do."
Exactly. The Roman Catholic Church couldn’t have said it better.