Saturday, August 2, 2014

zagat says

“doesn’t get any better.”

We agree. 
Utterly. The. Best.

if you’re thinkin’ you’re too cool to boogie

Boy oh boy have I got news for you.

Everybody here tonight must boogie.

Let me tell ya! You are no exception to the rule.

Get down, Boogie Oogie Oogie!

Friday, August 1, 2014

weekend in New England?

Jose’s garden.

Have a good one!

still life

Still here.

Still proud.

Still creating.

After all these years. 

Farewell, Jamie!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

humerus house of cards

Do you have a bone to pick with people paying cash who make you uncomfortable when you use your EBT?

Have you had just about enough of their silent condescension?

We have the answer!

One simple peel-and-stick and your EBT can look like our President!

Or a motorcycle.

Or a Ferrari!

It’s a SNAP to find us on Facebook!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

as exclusive as 1 2 3
“Exclusive” derives from the word exclude. 

And although the poor-door is routine in London, it’s a recent addition to the NYC luxury housing market.


The idea is to construct an expensive cooperative building in a wealthy neighborhood with apartments set aside for cheaper rentals.

The building enjoys a tax break and the city gains new affordable housing: regular folks of modest means can now live in a luxury tower in a wonderful neighborhood they could not otherwise afford.

Win/win, right?


40 Riverside Boulevard

A $3m apartment needs about $600K down, so the mortgage on $2,400,000 costs about $16,000 per month. 

Plus maintenance. 

A submarket 2 bedroom in the same building will rent for $1099 a month. 

So to maintain market value, a second entrance was incorporated at 40 Riverside Blvd. 

The submarket rentals on the back side of the building have their own lobby and elevator service.

The de Blasio administration is fuming at this financial apartheid and has announced a change to the zoning rules so this can never happen again, and that seems fair.

But for a mayor committed to affordable housing, 
it is also a pyrrhic victory.

Developers will just stop building affordable housing and pay the higher tax rate instead, passing it on to the wealthy who will also pay it to retain the exclusivity luxury housing is intended to provide.

The result? DeBlasio wins.  

Developer still gets rich. 

Wealthy shareholders still control their own buildings. 

But the regular guy can’t find an affordable apartment.
So next up should be the airlines!

To be fair they would not be allowed to charge cheap rates in coach and $4500 in First Class and then:

1) separate the fliers into better airport lounges and 
2) provide earlier boarding and far better seats in a separate section on the plane and then 
3) give them better quality everything throughout the flight.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

paint in the pipeline

About 2 years ago we featured Westchester Square Plumbing Supply for its excellent metal cornice and Bronx history as a movie theatre.

Now owner Bob Beider has offered the walls of his building in support of the TAG Public Arts Project.

Featured on News12, TAG is a street graffiti initiative sanctioned by the city and building owners, to brighten gloomy areas in the Bronx.

TAG was founded by Bronx street artist SinXero,, with help from muralist John Matos.

TAG's vision is to encourage graffiti artists to work together while "Enhancing The Visual Landscape of Urban Communities with art."

I was riding by and smelled the clouds of spray paint.

You can see additional excellent coverage here:

The Bronx in Summer.

Breathe deep. :-)