Saturday, May 21, 2016

can hardly wait

Friday, May 20, 2016

over the Hill

finger on the pulse of city government

just a reminder

...of how beautiful our ClockTower is.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

hey, it worked

A 34 year old Bronx man has received 18 years in jail for testing a new theory in child care.

Luis Cartagena lost his shit because baby Joemill Greer would not stop crying.

Babies will do that.

But Cartagena had an idea.

He beat the baby so severely he crushed its skull and closed off one eye and at New York-Presbyterian, the baby died.

His theory proved out. 

The baby did stop crying.

But the Bronx Criminal Justice system was not impressed.

Now Cartagena will have time to catch up on his reading.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

“on a boat, the only straight line is invisible”

Adam Green’s marvelous is my favorite South Bronx intiative.

It’s not just the boat that rocks!


we are the borg, so saith our phones

Tower Records closed its doors in 2006.

We lost the Virgin MegaStore on Union Square just three years later.

These were social hubs where people actually met face to face, believe it or not, to discover the joys of new music.

Now the best indie shop in all of Manhattan is gone. 

I’ve been a fan of Other Music since it opened in 1995.

The cultural promise of recorded music is failing us.

Living-breathing musical ecosystems that once enriched our world’s cities are becoming bloodless, digital facsimiles.

Music portals are decomposing into indistinguishable clones of each other, like Staples, McDonald's and HomeDepot.

Losing Other Music is everything that’s wrong 
with the way we are discarding the richness of our human culture. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

politico’s take heed


Television was the new medium when JFK defeated Nixon. 

JFK was tall and cool and handsome. Richard Nixon sweated on camera and his “I am not a crook” persona was sealed.

Today, every New Yorker has a Donald Trump-is-a-jerk in person story, and I have mine, too. You can read that cringeworthy account here:

“Low energy Jeb, Lyin’ Ted, Crooked Hillary, Little Marco”, the Donald has mesmerized us all by controlling the narrative through a relentless and canny use of social websites.

Like it or not, he’s a master of manipulating the press.

And we’ve changed since the dawn of social media.

Our attention spans are shorter, our thinking is shallower and we don’t care about the truth as long as FaceBook loads and we can see how our frenemies are doing.

So in real time Donald Trump is schooling the entire United States on how a candidate with little political experience and even less likability runs for our highest office in the digital age, with an increasing aura of inevitability.

Hill is where we’ve been and Donald Trump is where we’re going.

For those believing a Donald Presidency is still unthinkable, 
I’d submit he’s about a decade ahead of where you are.

race relations

2002 was a banner year for the Indianapolis 500.

Indy Car Series racer Sam Hornish Jr. was just 22 years old when he won the series championship, the youngest in Indy history.

He did it in a Panther racing team Chevolet.

This one!

He went on to win the Indy500 in 2006.

A typical Indy Car makes about 650 hp.

It weighs about 1525 pounds.

And costs over $500,000.

A new Ford Mustang will produce 350hp but can weigh upwards
 of 3,800 pounds.

But it will only set you back about $30K.

This month is the "100th running" of the famed Indianapolis event.

I'm in my 64th walking. So to speak.