Tuesday, January 1, 2013

c’mon in, the water’s fine

ClockTowerTenants has visited Adam Green’s wonderful RockingTheBoat before.

It’s right on the Bronx River and the idea is simple, as genius often is.

He gives young people a boatbuilding skill and a chance to apply it, growing pride in accomplishment and a self-esteem that money cannot buy.

So when the Mystic Seaport Museum needed an authentic six-person whaling boat replica, RockingTheBoat was the obvious place to turn.


Mystic is refurbishing their National Historic Landmark, the Charles W. Morgan whaling ship from 1841. This smaller boat is part of that big restoration project.


Twenty jobs-skills apprentices are building this 29 footer right side up, typical of the 19th century but a departure from modern boatbuilding technique.

Historically, this whaleboat is the most technical project RockingTheBoat has ever taken on. Check out the copper boat nails.

Construction is expected to take about 2 years.

Sixty four individually numbered boat frames will guide over 600 feet of northern white cedar for the hull planking, attached to white oak for the keel. 

This little whaler should be completed this Summer, then sailed 120 miles to Mystic, Connecticut for mounting up on the big ship.

So cool. Let’s rock our own boats in 2013!

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