Friday, April 20, 2018

in the driver’s seat

Buying a tractor is like buying right into America, y’know?
not my pic but wish it were.
Tractors are the foundation of rural civilization.

They do the work of more than a 100 men.

They are easy to understand.

And they are stoic to their hard use and 
the weather they endure.

With this PTO (power take off), this 1910 model with the 770 bucket can drive everything from a lawnmover to a harvester to a snow blower, without complaint.

It’s a good tractor.

So it was with shock and surprise the other day, and more than a bit of disappointment, 

I learned that our wonderful 1987 FORD “1910 Tractor with Bucket”...

was made in Japan, the year before.

Only the paint job is American.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

should I stay or should I go

Attilio Piccirilli was just 20 years old when our ClockTower was built in 1886.

Born in the Carrara region of Italy,
he grew up around fine marble and sculptors.

He immigrated in 1888 and went to work for his father as a stone carver right here in the Bronx on East 142nd Street.

Attilio won a gold metal for his carving in 1915. 

His sculptures are featured in the Frick and Metropolitan Museums.

He also helped create an art school to give affordable
 training in art, like sculpture, to New York’s poor.

But his real claim to fame is Lincoln.

As in the Lincoln Memorial in Washington.

But you can see his work at the Fireman’s Memorial
on Riverside Drive, too!