Saturday, October 19, 2013

Coquilles Saint-Jacques

The abductor muscle of a bay scallop is chewy and delicious.

In the 1880s when our ClockTower was being built, bay scallops were so healthy and plentiful that New England was a top supplier. 

Human population in the northeast took its toll.

By the 1930s, eelgrass beds along the eastern seaboard began to die off.


Now the seafood industry struggles with a severe reduction in the local bay scallop population.

But seared with salt, pepper and lime juice they are fantastic!

Most domestic bay scallops are now farmed in Florida. 
That little muscle is removed and trucked north.

Se dĂ©pĂȘcher!

Friday, October 18, 2013

what a boar!

The word "ham" is derived from the Olde English ham or hom meaning the hollow or bend of the knee.

It is, afterall, a pig’s hind leg. 
Under US law, a "ham" is a cured thigh of pork that is at least 20.5% protein, and contains no added water.

But check this out. 
This is a “ham and water product.”


"Ham and water product" refers to a cured pork product that contains any amount of added water as long as it is mentioned on the label.

It was, but I missed it. 23%!

This sad excuse for a steak cooked down to three fourth’s its original size. 

So at $4.99 a pound, I purchased 3 ounces of water for $1.24!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sunday, October 13, 2013

fool you once, shame on me

but fool you twice and shame on you.

Roman Catholics who give cash to a church could be forgiven if they didn’t actually know what the church does with it.

But they do.

This time it’s a Bishop based in Germany.

The Bishop of Limburg, a town northwest of Frankfurt has been discovered spending his parishioners cash on himself and his facilities.
He spent $34,000 on a table.
$20,000 more bought his personal bathtub.

$450,000 went to closets.

Another $650,000 bought some furniture and well over $1 million dollars nurtured his personal prayer garden.
In all an incredible $42 million has been misspent.
He claims not to need a “grandiose lifestyle" while flying FirstClass to India last year to visit poverty stricken children. 

The local paper Frankfurter Allgemeine said 
"he's either a sophisticated deceiver or he's just plain sick."

He’s not sick.

He’s a Bishop taught by experts and he does what he knows.

Pope Benedict

This is your fault, now, Roman Catholics. 
You know this vow of poverty and you fund it anyway.