Sunday, October 13, 2013

fool you once, shame on me

but fool you twice and shame on you.

Roman Catholics who give cash to a church could be forgiven if they didn’t actually know what the church does with it.

But they do.

This time it’s a Bishop based in Germany.

The Bishop of Limburg, a town northwest of Frankfurt has been discovered spending his parishioners cash on himself and his facilities.
He spent $34,000 on a table.
$20,000 more bought his personal bathtub.

$450,000 went to closets.

Another $650,000 bought some furniture and well over $1 million dollars nurtured his personal prayer garden.
In all an incredible $42 million has been misspent.
He claims not to need a “grandiose lifestyle" while flying FirstClass to India last year to visit poverty stricken children. 

The local paper Frankfurter Allgemeine said 
"he's either a sophisticated deceiver or he's just plain sick."

He’s not sick.

He’s a Bishop taught by experts and he does what he knows.

Pope Benedict

This is your fault, now, Roman Catholics. 
You know this vow of poverty and you fund it anyway. 

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