Saturday, March 29, 2014

her milkshake brings all the boys from the Yard


The men of Scotland Yard are a handsome bunch, and women are known to fall for a uniform now and then.

But what if the officer is undercover, 
and no uniform is involved?

That’s the subject of a newly filed lawsuit in the UK.

Eight different women, all animal rights activists, fell for undercover police officers who infiltrated their extremists groups.


In each instance the spies encouraged amorous behavior to the point of sexual relationships, often lasting for years.

One extreme case involved undercover Metropolitan Police officer Bob Lambert, pictured below.

Bob pretended to be an activist for five years, fathering a child with his subject and then leaving her when his covert assignment drew to a close.


Now the women are suing for the “enormous emotional trauma” after realizing their lovers were deployed undercover policemen, simply doing their job each day.


gringo bacalaĆ­to

Remember these? 
Back in January I found a cooked cod fillet in the fridge and was inspired to make a fish croquette.

They weren’t very good.

Crunchy-hot but hollow, kinda pointless.

This time I found two cod steaks, five boiled carrots and the usual shallots and peppers, parsley and eggs, so I decided to try again.

Pull your fish carefully from the bone and make certain
 no bones are left. 

I chopped red pepper, sliced the carrots, softened shallots, minced some parsley and made a quick batter with two eggs, about five tablespoons of cornstarch and 3 tablespoons of milk.

“Whip it good.”


Salt, pepper, you know the drill, then fold the ingredients into the beaten batter.

The last time everything was chopped too fine. 
This time I left it chunky and it worked out much better.

BacalaĆ­to is a Puerto Rican standard and there is some kind of cod cake in every cuisine. 

Only a sobro gringo would add boiled carrots!  

Heat canola oil until it shimmers.


Spoon the fritters into the hot oil. Keep them small so they cook through the middle while they brown.

These look better already, right?

And they were!
Adjust your fry time so they cook through and are crunchy on the outside.


Drain on paper, salt them and you’ve nailed it. 
Caribbean beer food!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Thursday, March 27, 2014

don’t text me, bro


In 2013 we spent 11 hours and 52 minutes of our day,

every day of our lives, 

consuming media.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014