Saturday, June 30, 2012

bowled me over

From what I’ve heard, the IPPUDO NY at 65 Fourth Avenue has raised the bar on ramen in New York City.

I’ve tried the ramen and gyoza in an IPPUDO in Tokyo and that was really good.

The place is unassuming and busy, lots of business people grabbing Japan’s version of fast food.
We tried the pickled bamboo shoots, fried vegetable dumplings, green tea and a bowl of fatty pork ramen with scallion, shredded mushroom, squid ink and a big squirt of hot sauce in the middle.

Awesome. Hit me up through the contact link and we’ll try the one downtown.
A Tokyo review and near-identical photo from April 4 2012, a few days after we ate there:

the eyes have it

The Cacciola Gallery on west 23rd Street currently features Bronx painter Valeri Larko’s new show. 
Valeri paints urban scenes. I met her while shooting a building she was painting.
We see the same things. The composition is uncanny.
She painted and I’ve shot pictures of the Elder 6-train trestle bridge, too.

And her painting of these rusty storage tanks is almost a ringer for my own picture, taken in February 2010.

It’s an art school maxim that an artist’s eye can see composition and know intuitively whether it’s good or not. Valeri and I seem to agree on a lot.

Fun show! Thanks Valeri.

Friday, June 29, 2012


friends don’t let friends dive drunk

The Olympic sized pool at the Roberto Clemente State Park received $20 million in renovation between 2009 and 2010.

It’s a spectacular facility.

But according to this, it’s also a toilet.
From Yahoo, May 31, 2012.

“If you're taking a refreshing dip in a pool with four other people, odds are one of you is urinating.”
What? lol GTFO.

"The survey, conducted in April, asked nearly 1,000 adults whether they urinate in pools. One in five bravely admitted their mistakes. And those are the ones who admitted it.” 

“We may act like potty-trained adults on land, but something about a body of water, even a small one, opens our natural floodgates and, according to doctors, puts us all at risk.” 

"No matter how easy it is to pee anonymously in the pool, swimmers should avoid doing so," says public health expert and WQHC chairman, Dr. Chris Wiant.

“The high risk offenders, according to the Center for Disease Control, are those water recreational parks, a dangerous combination of packs of young swimmers and lots of accidental gulps.”

“Short of getting pool maintenance certification or sweating out an unbearable summer, what can you do?” 

“The first step is to be a good pool Samaritan. Take it to the restroom, folks, and emphasize lots of bathroom breaks for your kids.”

Don’t even think about it.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

color, texture, light and shadow

Oh look, design in a single picture. 
Museum of the Moving Image, Astoria, Queens

I like it even more this way.

ClockTower contemporary, 1886

1206 Lexington Avenue

1886, wiki

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

life along Lincoln

It’s nice in here by day.

It’s great in here at night.

talking trash

Much of NYC’s non-recyclable waste is buried in landfills in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia.
We pay about $300 million a year to these other states for this dubious privilege.
Some of our trash is incinerated in New Jersey.
Paper waste is recycled locally or is processed for recycling overseas.
Glass, metal and plastic is sorted in New Jersey and shipped to the various recycling plants.
New York City residents recycle only 17% of their total trash, about half the goal of the current program.
New York City has no landfills or incinerators, either.
And we produce about 12,000 tons of waste in every 24 hour period.
So what happens when you “throw something away” 
in the Bronx?
Some of it ends up under the WhiteStone bridge.