Wednesday, June 27, 2012

talking trash

Much of NYC’s non-recyclable waste is buried in landfills in Pennsylvania, Ohio and Virginia.
We pay about $300 million a year to these other states for this dubious privilege.
Some of our trash is incinerated in New Jersey.
Paper waste is recycled locally or is processed for recycling overseas.
Glass, metal and plastic is sorted in New Jersey and shipped to the various recycling plants.
New York City residents recycle only 17% of their total trash, about half the goal of the current program.
New York City has no landfills or incinerators, either.
And we produce about 12,000 tons of waste in every 24 hour period.
So what happens when you “throw something away” 
in the Bronx?
Some of it ends up under the WhiteStone bridge.

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