Friday, November 4, 2011

our resident lens

Frankie is at it again.
Lincoln Avenue and the Harlem River

Thursday, November 3, 2011

beyond compare

looks so natural

Oh great, and then what?

After a couple of drinks and a burst of human longing we finally get up the nerve, fumble with our key and...
find a body inside?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In that water? Wednesday wake-up

I wanna know
Won’t you tell me, (won’t you tell me) am I in love to stay?
Take me, take me, take me to the river. (take me to the riv-uh)
Wash me down. (Wash me down)
Won’t you cleanse my soul (Oooh ooh my soul) 
Get my feet on the ground. (on the ground, yeah)
Yeah yeah (yeah yeah yeah yeah)
Dip me in the water, (dip me, dip me, in the wah-tuh)
Dip me in the water baby.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

feels like home

The first thing you notice about ClockTower loft 212 is how warm it is; warm in sunlight, warm in natural finishes with a large, separate entry foyer and trees right outside your windows on both southern and western exposures.

Shiny heartpine floors and moldings reflect antique brick walls and columns, while a natural wood loftbed creates an area for sleeping or a guest room or just lots and lots of storage space. The closets are large and the ceilings are quite high.

A cook's kitchen features silvery pendant lighting and a cobalt blue tile surface for ample counterspace.

About 900 square feet in spotless, move-in condition, feels like home, available immediately, $1900.

one singular sensation

We started here.

Then we went here.

Now we are here.

And soon we’ll be here.

One smile and suddenly nobody else will do.

no man is an island

When John Donne wrote those words back in 1642, he never could have imagined the bridge debate brewing up on City Island. 260 years later in 1899 a new 950 foot bridge was begun to link the fishing villages of City Island to the Bronx mainland.

The City Island Bridge has decorative features reminiscent of the Macoons Dam, featured here, 
...and that makes design sense. They are contemporaries. 

The MacoonsDam opened in 1895, the City Island just five years after that. But the CityIsland Bridge is falling apart now and is slated for replacement, and that makes the Islanders cross. Why?

They love their little bridge.

“People call it the Nantucket of New York City,” said Barbara Hoffman, the president of the City Island Garden Club. “Here they’re going to put this monstrosity up.”
This “monstrosity” is actually a “new mast-type structure with the tower and the cables — it imitates the sailboats that are in the City Island community,” said Craig Chin, a Department of Transportation spokesman. 

It’s postponed because of budget concerns but the Islanders really don’t want it.

“If they’ve already sent out and awarded the contracts, there’s probably not a lot we can do other than lie down on the bridge when they bring the bulldozers in,” a board member of the City Island Civic Association said with a smile.

Let’s all hope when a new bridge is built...
 everyone can get over it. :-) 

Monday, October 31, 2011


It’s Halloween.

Happy Halloween