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full moon cafe

good food

no atmosphere

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

test your mettle

I pedal to the mettle almost everyday and so I have great news! The CitiBike program launches at the end of this month and opens up to everyone June 2.

What is CitiBike?

It’s a rental bike you don’t have to return to where you found it. You just unlock it from one of these docking bollards and ride away.

Six thousand bikes will be locked up at 330 locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. 
Notice where we live. At the red dot, miles from the bikes. 

Anyway, this is how it works:

You pay. Buy 24 hours for 10 bucks, 7 days for $25 or a year membership for $95.

Your credit card unlocks a bike from the jaws of the bollard and you can cruise for 30 minutes. 

If you buy the whole year you get a key and a longer 45 minute window for each ride.

I found this particular docking station at 18th and Sixth.

But don’t be late returning it. 
You must dock it within the 30 or 45 minute ride time at any docking station, any bollard, to avoid a penalty. You can unlock it again within 2 minutes and keep on going.

You can ride as many times as you want within your purchased window as long as you keep docking and undocking.
You don’t have to wear a helmet. 
You’d be crazy not to.
And forget the bike lanes. 
There’s a car door opening right in front of you every minute.

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