Saturday, June 28, 2014

when beer was near

Great news!

The Bronx Brewery is finally settling in the Bronx. 
You can read about their planned August opening here:

But did you know Mott Haven was once home to 20 breweries? All were brewing around the time of our ClockTower.

See the name up there on the yellow building right around the corner?

P.M. Ohmeis & Co.

Peter Omehis built 256-260 East 134th Street expressly for bottling beer. 

This guy was awesome. 

He had a restaurant down on Fulton Street where he served imported Clarets and Burgundies, Mosels, Rhines and Champagnes.

In the 1880’s! 
Today he is an alcoholic’s rockstar. 
His swag is all over eBAY.

"P.M. Ohmeis" embossed bottles are collectible.

So are his steins.

The Library of Congress catalogues his promotional materials from 1880-1923.

That’s him in the 1870‘s on the right, 
at the table with Joseph Schlitz.

And to think all this was happening right around the corner at the turn of the last century.

Let’s hope the fellas opening in August last another hundred years!

Friday, June 27, 2014

calling their bluffdale

"A coalition of grassroots groups from across the political spectrum including the Electronic Frontier Foundation and GreenPeace joined forces this morning to fly an airship over the NSA's new data center in Bluffdale, Utah."

"The environmental group Greenpeace flew its custom emblazoned 135' long blimp over the data center carrying the message "NSA Illegal Spying Below" to protest the government's illegal mass surveillance program."

photos by Greenpeace

Wanna take a stand against spying?

eye in the sky


In Greek mythology Panoptes had 100 eyes 
but only half had to sleep at one time. 

Back in 2012 South African police opened fire on striking platinum miners, killing 30 in a bloody industrial dispute.


The Police were surrounded by a crowd of 3000 armed with machetes and spears and so they shot their way out.

Now South African police are taking to the air,
 and American police departments are watching very closely.

NYPD has a long history of aerial recon from helicopters but unmanned drones appear to be next.

Designed in CAD and named the Skunk Riot Control Copter, this third gen drone comes with four high capacity gun barrels capable of firing up to 4000 paintballs to put markings on the unruly.

Red paint marks a protestor with a weapon. 

Blue will be used to mark thieves and vandals.
A targeted stream of pepper spray will neutralize even the most violent offender.

“Blinding lasers” are standard equipment and loud speakers will satisfy constitutionally mandated first warnings before 80,000-volt taser darts are launched.

And all this for only $46,000! 
You might be thinking this could never happen here, but compare that to a typical police chopper costing five million dollars apiece.

The Seattle Police Department just gave LAPD a gift of two $82,000 Draganflyer X6 drones, funded by grants from the Department of Homeland Security.

At a news conference at LAPD headquarters, Chief Charlie Beck said:
 “We’re interested in those applications where unmanned drones could assist police forces in “standoffs, perimeters, suspects hiding and other tactical events.” 

They're hee-re.

Keep an eye out and have a great weekend!

Thursday, June 26, 2014


US Customs and Border agents stopped a northbound tractor trailer at a checkpoint about 20 miles south of Tucson, Arizona. 

The truck was carrying a load of watermelons.

At least they looked like watermelons.


X-ray imaging revealed they were handpainted fakes, and packed with marijuana.





Wednesday, June 25, 2014


nuclear winter

It’s cold downunder. 

High winds and 20” of snow have brought down powerlines to over 4000 homes in the south east outside of Sydney.

But an environmental scandal is heating up.
Back in mid-March we posted about the Australian government’s attempted Tasmanian land grab.

They tried to tell the United Nations that clear cutting a few ancient aboriginal forests in Taz is not such a big deal.
The locals are all for it.

They want the jobs and the cash. 
And so loggers got out ahead of UN sanction.

Ancient forests are now scarred as if a bomb went off.
But the UN caught up and just said STOP.

The logging industry has been working with a senator from Tasmania to roll back Green Party environmental protectionism.

So the mainland government has pledged an investment of $196 million to spur the local economy.

That’s not much.
But it will buy a nice apartment in New York.