Saturday, January 17, 2015

Friday, January 16, 2015

no exit

As you’ve probably heard by now, 
the MTA intends to raise our metro fare again.

Twenty five cents this year to $2.75, 
then another $.25 in 2017 
for a base fare of three bucks.

They did, in fact, give us a chance to have our say.

So before you go off about what bullshit this is, consider that $.25 barely keeps pace with inflation.

Consider the insane costs of building the new 2nd Avenue subway line.

And consider we have the cheapest urban transport in the world. 

We’re not even in the top ten.

A round-trip ride in Norway will set you back almost ten bucks.


Even the cheapest one-way U-bahn ride in Germany tops out at over three dollars and NYC won’t get there for another 2 years.

So you might as well accept it. 

There’s really no way out. 

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Monday, January 12, 2015

what a great idea


German immigrant Christian Holtz arrived here in the 1850‘s, about 35 years before our ClockTower.

He worked as a waiter and a wine merchant, and by the turn of the century he had some success in the bar and restaurant business.

By 1906 the FlatIron district was hot for development.

He took a partner, hired an architect and built a 12 story loft building on 20th Street between Broadway and Fifth, NYC landmarked in 1989. 

William C. Frohne, the architect, was also German but turned to Paris for inspiration.

Completed in 1907, the brick and stone building was embellished with Beaux Arts carvings of garlands and griffins, wreathes and lions heads and scrolls.

The first two floors were custom designed for Holtz with a wall of French inspired windows looking out over the street, and with his name in black, cast iron.

His restaurant opened with bespoke beer bottles and a flourish, and enjoyed a good run for another six years. 

The New York Times called the restaurant 
“one of the finest in appointments in the city.”

After decades in the garment trade, the 14 lofts upstairs finally went coop in 1987 for private residence. 

Waterworks, a high-end bath and tile retailer, now displays at 7 east 20th where Christian Holtz once fed his wealthy patrons.

A good restaurant in a loft building.