Thursday, January 2, 2014

watts the buzz, tell me whatsa happenin’

New York Daily News
So as of yesterday, 
marijuana’s legal and certain lightbulbs aren’t.

Go figure.

By now you know that Colorado voted to legalize and tax pot under Amendment 64, with the first $40 million in sales tax going to their public school system.

So here is all you need to know:
1. 21 and older.
2. You can purchase up to 1 lid if you live in state, but only ¼ if you live out.
3. Cash only.
4. No public consumption. Huff it inside somewhere.

And that’s about it. 
Marijuana is gaining footholds everywhere.

Yesterday folks stood in the sleet to make their first legal purchase.
And this, also according to reddit, is the actual, historic first. 

Special thanks to Colorado for putting the Denver stores on a helpful get-high map, like the “Denver Kush Club.”  lol

So have fun and underwrite your school system, Colorado. 

Just whatever you do...

don’t get caught with the wrong lightbulb.

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