Saturday, October 22, 2016

take a leek

Friday, October 21, 2016

karma comes

Details continue to leak about Bill Clinton’s talk with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac, and FBI James Comey’s blindness to an indictable crime.

The Clinton’s have always operated on the outskirts of human decency.

On path to a trouncing in November, 
Donald has actually secured a very personal win.

40 million zombie followers will pay $9.99 a month 
for a Trump branded news outlet 
to fund the lynching of American politics as usual. 

Winning could become the sentence Hillary thought she had finessed.

They are pathologically unfit for our highest office,
 and karma comes around.

Have a great weekend.

Leo the lyin’

A couple years back Leo DiCaprio took a hit when Variety published an exposé of his private life.

While that same year, he was appointed as a United Nation's
 representative on climate change.

Lukas Straumann, phD in History and Exec Director of a human rights and environmental organization in Switzerland has had enough of DiCaprio’s posing.

Back in July Leo was exposed by the US Department of Justice on a suspicion he took secret cash at the center of a multibillion dollar Malaysian deforestation corruption scandal.

DiCaprio plays the environmentalist in public,
 while privately Strauman has given him an ultimatum.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

and the law only applies to you

John Podesta is Chairman of Hillary Clinton’s 
Presidential campaign,
 and previous Chief of Staff for President Bill Clinton.

we are all manipulated media addicts

The discourse of American politics has never been lower or more coarse. 

We have to go back to Richard Nixon in ’73 for a candidate as transparently dishonest and unworthy as Hillary Clinton, the only hope, not incidentally, that Donald Trump ever had.

A tv star has staffed and staged a touring media spectacle so vulgar and humiliating it has worked, showcasing our country in a bad light before an international audience.

There's a shame on what now earns our attention. 

But he also shamed himself for bringing to our election process all that he has learned on the Apprentice.

At least it could not have happened to a nicer woman.

 But it has also happened to us.