Saturday, December 28, 2013

another pussy riot

Kiki Lin, a Junior majoring in English at Providence University in Taiwan caught the attention of the internet on Christmas Day.


She stuffed her cat inside a jar and sealed the lid.

Claiming the cat had misbehaved and was in need of “punishment”, she sealed the cat inside and then posted pictures on Facebook.

Of course she did.

The network exploded but Kiki was unrepentant.

So Taiwan’s Animal Protection Inspection Office intervened and now Ms. Lin has a court date facing a year in jail and up to $75,000 in fines.

No word on whether jarring Ms. Lin is a prosecutorial option.

wild goose chaser

At the cost of geese these days we had to choose between the meal itself, or the pot to cook it in.

We chose the goose, eleven and three-quarter pounds. 
That's my Mom!


Goose is the traditional Christmas feast because they are born in spring, mature through summer, fatten on autumn corn and are prime for slaughter by the end of the calendar year.

But goose must be braised in a liquid under a covered lid and they're 16” long, so what to do?

WesternBEEF came to our rescue.

We clamped their 99¢ roaster pans together with spring clips from STAPLES, and it all worked out like a charm!

Four hours steam-braising at 350ยบ in white wine and mirepoix (chopped carrots/onions/celery), then 30 minutes more without the lid to crispy-brown and it was perfect, about 23 minutes to the pound.

Goose has the most succulent fat of all roasting fowl. 
The meat is dark and very rich.

Beer food for Christmas dinner!

Friday, December 27, 2013

booty beauty? (or antique junk in the trunk)

day dress, 1884-1886 
The Met

The Urban Dictionary defines “booty” as you might expect, but the concept is anything but new.

afternoon with shaw, 1885-1888 
The Met

Way back in 1886 as our ClockTower was being built, women were already admired for their “bustle”, the artificial booty of its day.

evening dress, 1884 
The Met

Elaborate frameworks in cotton muslin and steel hoop were designed to flatter the silhouette and move in fluid concert under yards of sumptuous fabric.

1885 The Met

1884 The Victoria and Albert

Even winter coats were vented to give way to artificial curve.

1885 The Victoria and Albert

A fashionable new year was all but assured...

1889 The Met

when unwrapped gifts looked like this!

1885 corset, The Victoria and Albert

And you thought Victoria owned that color. ;-)

evening shoes, 1885
 The Met

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Pabst is a ClockTower contemporary

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer got its name from originally having a blue ribbon tied around the neck of the bottle between 1882 and 1916.

and the deer wears a necklace.

warm as winter