Saturday, July 11, 2015

I'm zowwy

you decide.

summer better than others

Friday, July 10, 2015

legislating simple, human kindness

Going to see a Broadway show was such an elegant and special occasion.

Men wore ties. 
Women wore dresses. 

And little kids learned quickly they were not to make a sound.

Now folks drop into a Broadway performance in torn jeans like they were grabbing a dirty water hot dog. 

And nobody even cares.

Back on July 3rd at “Hand to God” some moron crawled up onstage and tried to plug his cell phone into a fake receptacle on the set.

After the performance, the cast used hashtags #fullmoon and #idiot on Twitter.

And just last night two-time TONY Award winner Patti Lupone was unnerved onstage as she tried to perform while a really stupid woman texted all through the first act.

The cast said they could see her lit face 
in the middle of the dark orchestra.

“It was awful” they said, “it affected the whole show.”

So Lupone left the stage, walked out into the audience, never broke character and grabbed the phone right out of the woman’s hand.

Andre Bishop, artistic director at Lincoln Center, calls such behavior “infuriating” saying "performers really don’t deserve this."

Jamming technology to put phones out of commission is being lobbied by Actor’s Equity, at the State legislature level.

Sad to me it even has to be considered.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

online banking could be Finnished

According to wikipedia, a black hat hacker 
"violates computer security for little reason beyond maliciousness or for personal gain."

Among the worst is Lizard Squad; 
their logo is a lizard in a tuxedo.

In January they hacked Malaysian Airline’s webpage with their lizard and the words “I love you ISIS."

Back in August they called in a false bomb threat to an American Airlines flight carrying a SONY Entertainment executive. 

They hacked Taylor Swift’s Twitter and Instagram accounts and tried to extort bitcoins from her management.

But they are very good at hiding online, 
and law enforcement has had limited success.

So it was a real story yesterday when one of their most hateful was apprehended, convicted, and then let off by a Finnish judge.

Reported by a Finnish newspaper, Julius Kivimaki, 17, was found guilty of over 50,000 different online crimes; felony fraud, harassment violations and private computer break-ins.

When arrested, he was in possession of over 3,000 stolen Target credit cards and was extorting their owners to pay him not to use them.

Then he used them anyway.

Kivimaki hijacked thousands of home routers in Helsinki and organized them to crash SONY’s Playstation Network on Christmas Day, so kids couldn’t play with their new consoles.

But a Finnish judge felt no penalty was deserved, and issued a suspended 2-year sentence that left Kivimaki free to go home with no fines and excused from any prison time. 

The victims of his computer crimes were outraged today because this punishment wasn’t “lenient”, it was completely non-existent!

So naturally, unrepentant and emboldened Kivimaki laughed at them on the Lizard's Twitter page.

He posted a photo of other people's credit cards with his new Lizard title “Untouchable Hacker God.”

And the Lizard’s themselves released a statement about how unstoppable they are.

Which is somewhat true, 
because law enforcement cannot find them.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

half a century ago

The Lunatics Low Rider Club was formed in the Summer of 2002, and is famous all over the Bronx, Manhattan and Yonkers.

Member “Craig O” stopped by Lincoln Avenue over the weekend for some minor electrical service.

The Ford Fairlane model offered in 1966 was a favorite both on the street and on the stock car track.

A little 289 small block V-8 came standard...

...but Craig O pulled that out for a larger, more torquey 302.

The lower end Fairlane “Club Coup” had centerposts between the windows, but the higher trim level featured the pillarless opening we see here in Craig-O’s purple version.

Craig O’s Fairlane also features the classic C6 transmission, built by Ford between 1964 and 1978, designed to expressly get more power to the tires where it belongs.

The entire interior is in custom purple velvet 
and the sound system is awesome.

He took the wipers off because this collectible beauty never, not ever, sees the rain.

Restoration can be tricky but when it is done well, a ’66 Fairlane can command upwards of $50,000. Here’s one for $52k, also without the centerposts:

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Greek leaders meet in Brussels, today



It’s been almost a year and lawyers for Eric Garner are preparing a $75 million dollar lawsuit against the city.


The defense is documenting his more than 30 arrests in the last 25 years; for assault, grand larceny and resisting arrest.

Garner’s wife expects settlement money.

Turns out that one “Jewel Miller” demanded and received a DNA test, and this week proved that her daughter Legacy, 
is actually Mr. Garner’s.


She also alleges the Reverend Al has been trying to delay the DNA release because he has been advising the Garner family.

But Esaw and three of Garner’s children are adults and won’t be seeing much of this settlement.


Legal experts say Legacy will get most of the cash, 
because payout formulas are based on life expectancy.

And so it's Jewel the mistress who'll be hitting the bigtime 
because Garner'd been hitting on her.