Saturday, August 25, 2012

well past its freshness date

This Kyoto noodle restaurant is 545 years old.

They say wine tastes better in good company.

Soba certainly tastes better inside an old, historic building.

It arrives stacked five high, in separate containers.

Each portion is served and then dressed differently, from the sectioned dish of ingredients on the table.

mushroom, egg and sesame

The soba is very fresh.

The restaurant, opened in 1465, not so much. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

cap the night

with a nightcap at the Clock.

112 Lincoln @ Bruckner in the boogie down

boogie on dune

If you're thinkin' you're too cool to boogie

Boy oh boy have I got news for you

Everybody here tonight must boogie

Let me tell ya' you are no exception to the rule

Get on up on the floor

Cuz we're gonna boogie oogie oogie

Till you just can't boogie no more (boogie)

Boogie no more
You can't boogie no more (boogie)
Boogie no more, listen to the music.


#1 on the Billboard Hot 100, 
the Billboard Hot Soul Singles
and the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

watercolored pipe dream

Fans of our NYC water system know that there are two reasons why our water is so good.

1. The Catskill collecting basin is still very clean, and

2. The system is over 100 years old so the pipes are lined with minerals all the way to the city.

The water is delivered to us in its own minerals so it picks up none of the taste of the pipe.

In Czech Republic, they do things a bit differently; the water there is delivered in pure onyx.

According to the seller: “The end result was a pipe with poor flow, but which contained a beautiful series of concentric rings, which when polished display the full color and beauty of a natural phenomenon that occurred over many decades, unbeknownst to the city dwellers in the streets above.”

Overall size of mineral specimen: 15” diameter x ½” thick
Price: $1800.00, plus shipping

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

charismatic corn

really? oh.

Everybody knows about the parole office at 82 Lincoln Avenue.

But did you know there is also a fortified entry at the rear on Alexander Avenue?

Cars are behind high wire mesh with florescent lights to keep the sidewalk bright at night.

How does an inmate get parole in New York State?

“Inmates are eligible for Conditional Release after completing two-thirds of their court-imposed maximum sentence and are statutorily granted conditional release to community supervision despite having been denied discretionary release by the Parole Board.”

This means they'll serve about 8 months for each year of any given jail sentence and then the parolee walks Lincoln Avenue for awhile.
In 2010 a metal detector was installed at the 82 Lincoln Avenue facility.  

According to this wPIX report, our SoBro office keeps track of five-thousand south Bronx convicts.

5000. oh.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

we had an internet outage today

it's fixed now.
we’re sorry

Monday, August 20, 2012


Facebook is softening, down to $20.01 today from it’s IPO of 38 back in May.

GroupOn lost 75% of its IPO value so far.

And MicroSoft dawdles around 30.

But Apple just set a new high. 
From Reuters:

NEW YORK | Mon Aug 20, 2012 4:43pm EDT
“Stocks were flat on Monday on signs of fatigue [but] despite the lethargic trading, Apple Inc shares hit a new high, becoming the most valuable public company of all time, with the combined value of its shares exceeding a previous record set by Microsoft. Shares closed up 2.6 percent to $665.15.”

For those who remember Apple in the early 1990‘s and the dark days of Gil Amelio, this is a sweet, long-coming confirmation of something MAC-users realized all along.


Price will always count but people will often give more for a better quality product, when time bears those principles out.

Ironically, because the Windows installed base got off to such a huge early lead, it took a fruity iMac, MP3 player, then a phone and a new kind of pad to remind the world where the best consumer software and industrial design has always been.

And now the company value reflects all that, 
the most valuable company ever.

Here’s my relic. :-)


it’s not the MET, it’s the motion

You keep sayin' you got somethin’ for me

Somethin’ you call love, but confess

You've been a'messin' where you shouldn'a been a'messin'

And now someone else is gettin’ all your best.

These boots are made for walking

and that's just what they'll do

One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.

Nancy Sinatra, daughter of Frank, in 1966
#1 in the United States and United Kingdom Pop charts.