Thursday, August 23, 2012

watercolored pipe dream

Fans of our NYC water system know that there are two reasons why our water is so good.

1. The Catskill collecting basin is still very clean, and

2. The system is over 100 years old so the pipes are lined with minerals all the way to the city.

The water is delivered to us in its own minerals so it picks up none of the taste of the pipe.

In Czech Republic, they do things a bit differently; the water there is delivered in pure onyx.

According to the seller: “The end result was a pipe with poor flow, but which contained a beautiful series of concentric rings, which when polished display the full color and beauty of a natural phenomenon that occurred over many decades, unbeknownst to the city dwellers in the streets above.”

Overall size of mineral specimen: 15” diameter x ½” thick
Price: $1800.00, plus shipping

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