Tuesday, October 13, 2015

backyard hoe

Years ago, the back yard wasn’t lush with calibrated parking spaces.

You can see that transformation here:

Now we enter Phase 2, 
the new building they’ve been telling us about.

That hoe is all up in our grills.

Monday, October 12, 2015

mr. nice guy

Columbus Avenue is named for the guy we remember today, 
so I decided to look into his story.

We credit him with “discovering America” except he didn’t, he landed (four times) in what is now Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Within 2 years he killed off a quarter of a million locals, mostly using attack dogs.

Historians place the North American population approaching 100 million in 1492, so he didn’t so much “discover” as he did invade.

His crew brought over infectious diseases like the flu and bubonic fever and pneumonia. 

Native American’s had no immunity and dropped like flies.

Syphilis was local and so after these same crews raped the native American women, they brought VD back home to Europe.

Columbus opened the slave trade routes to Africa, too. 

Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand coughed up venture capital to fund 17 ships and over 1200 men because Columbus promised gold.

But there isn’t much gold in Santo Domingo. 

So Columbus put every native into the mines, requiring 4 thimbles of gold dust per year or they'd have their hands cut off. 

Modern historians think about 10,000 
(obviously poor quality) 
miners may have bled to death this way.

Columbus’s own crew finally turned him in for this bullshit.

They testified against him and he was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

But Ferdinand pardoned him and made him sail one more time. 

He was trying to get his money back, which he never did.

But at least some of you get a day off. 

That’s not so bad.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

pray this won’t go south

By any measure, Pope Francis’ visit was a triumph and a testimony to his personal charisma. 

I was glued to the tv, weren't you?

He’d been a Jesuit for 30 years with 10 more years as a Bishop and a dozen as Cardinal before being elected to Pope.

So he’s been a Vatican insider for some time, with a difficult issue in balance.

By meeting with clergy sex abuse victims, he expressed sincere grief and a promise the guilty will be punished.

But so far his actions have not matched his words.

Priests have been leaving the country and relocating south, to avoid media scrutiny and criminal charges.

So far journalists have located five in South America including Father Jan Van Dael from Belgium, now relocated to Brazil under Pope Francis's reign.

Van Dael continues to draw local attention for his interest in children, here playing with the hair of a young boy.

I respect Francis and believe he intends to do well for church victims, but we should watch what he actually does.

These accused men are his colleagues and some may be friends, but there’s no “balance” to achieve when a Priest has sex with a child.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

sushi to the third power

Every modern nation has its fastfood. 

Burgers in America are like cod in Scandinavia and raw fish to the Japanese.


Excellent tempura is everywhere in Japan.

So is delicious, hand-assembled Ramen.

We even saw charcoal-grilled, street oysters as a snack.

But nothing even comes close to Japan’s obsession with fast sushi.

The assemblage, plating and service is so automated that 15 sushi chefs can keep almost 200 people eating.

How do they do it? Conveyor belts.
Sushi restaurants are designed and built for efficiency, and color coding helps you quickly sort the prices.

These colors range from $1.25 to about $5.50 for the plate.
 It adds up fast.

But that’s in part because of the speed at which it is selected, prepared, delivered and consumed.

This fun video will blow your mind. 

Japanese sushi 1) service and 2) selection is a 3) science.

Have a great Saturday night!

(eely good)