Wednesday, May 27, 2015

that leads us to who-knows-where, who-knows-when?

Ever feel as if you work all day
 but never get anywhere worth going?

You are not alone.

According to the US Department of Labor, 
we now have 37% of the US workforce not working.

Not “unemployed.” That’s a different category.

By “Not Working” the USDL means over the age of 16, 
able-bodied and making a choice: not to go to work.

We’ve crossed the tipping point to where it now takes more than two workers to be responsible for someone else.

Not counting disabled, retired or unemployed.

We keep telling ourselves.

Monday, May 25, 2015

not a dry eye in the house

What do Memorial Day, 

Forrest Gump, 

George to the Rescue

and Benjamin Moore all have in common?


Actor, Gary Sinise.

Back in 1994, Sinise played Lt. Dan Taylor, a serviceman who lost his legs in battle.

After some Middle East USO tours with his Lt. Dan Band,
 Sinese wanted to do something more.

Using CSI money he founded the Gary Sinise Foundation, 

...and he began building custom homes for returning vets with special injuries.

I attended a presentation by his foundation last week, 
and I was so impressed by his exemplary generosity.

Hosted by George and sponsored by Benjamin Moore,

...Gary walked us through his program that designs specifically for returning vets who have lost their arms and legs.


These are not just any houses.


These homes are large and beautiful, forming an emotional center for a family torn apart by grief and loss.


Gary reminded us of their sacrifice and how there is 
always one more way to say thank you.

Gary Sinise was awarded the Presidential Citizens Medal, the second-highest civilian honor for exemplary deeds performed in the service of our nation.
Have a safe and happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

but can they play the bagpipes?

The Republic of Ireland handed the Roman Catholic Church 
a stinging rebuke this weekend.

The Irish overwhelmingly rejected medieval notions that same-sex couples are unworthy of equal, human rights.

This country-wide referendum was the first ever of its kind. 

In the USA, less than half turn out for elections.

But in Ireland over 60% of the populace turned out for just this, and 62% of those voted YES.

Of just under 2 million votes cast, 1.2 million voted simple common sense and human decency.

Only 734,300 voted self-righteous bigotry and condemnation by the church.

Now in Ireland, Patrick Fitzmichael.

And finally, Michael Fitzpatrick.

And with gae recognized within gaelic, 
the Emerald Isle is a much better place.