Sunday, July 27, 2014

get outta my dreams

Get into my car.

At least that’s what Prionda Hill, 25, told police after she turned the wheel of her car over to God and He promptly mowed down a motorcycle.

Hill was driving in Fort Wayne, Indiana, back on July 11th when she claimed: 

That didn’t go well for Anthony Oliveri, 47, but God wasn’t finished with Oliveri and his Harley Davidson just yet.

After hitting him and sending him sprawling, God apparently hit the gas again and lurched over Oliveri’s body, crushing his midsection and kidney, lacerating his spleen and breaking several ribs.

Hill tested negative for alcohol but God has been rumored to turn water into wine.

No word yet on God’s toxicology report.

number one on the Billboard HOT 100 in 1988

Saturday, July 26, 2014


so much at steak

Friday, July 25, 2014

son of a gun

The Birmingham Small Arms Company was founded in England in 1861 with a logo of three stacked rifles.

True to their name, they made firearms and ammunition, but they also made one sweetheart of a motorbike.

By 1880 they were manufacturing their first bicycles and by the 1960’s their 650 Lightning was a legend.
Beloved by professionals and enthusiasts alike, the 1969 650 BSA Lightning was the moto-rockstar of its day.

Two cylinders, four speed gear box, a claimed 52 horses and a top end of 112.

But it would wobble in hard turns and you almost had to make an appointment to stop, so lame and unresponsive were the brakes.

And forget rain, the electrical system by LUCAS--also founded in Birmingham in 1860--- sucked so hard that a cloudy day could make the spark plugs sputter.

Plus, the vertically split crankcase guaranteed you’d oil the sidewalk before long.

But it sure was hip. 

A gold one saved James Bond’s life by firing rockets in Thunderball.

Alas, that same year the Japanese launched the HONDA CB 750, a four cylinder machine (two more!) with more horsepower, an electric start, five gears instead of four, 13 more MPH on top and a disk brake at the front that actually stopped it.

And somehow it all managed to cost less; the beginning of the end for British bikes.

BSA faded and by 1987... they had tanked. 

Have a safe weekend!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

@#$%^&* google maps

“typically prefer wooded swamps and wet areas with shade.”

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

eat all you want


epic success