Saturday, May 5, 2012


Early one morning in Osaka I walked right past this tiny scooter, all fitted out for the long-haul, open road.

Can you imagine how hard that little engine has to work fully loaded with a full tank of gas and a Japanese pilot? And then cruise at highway speed?
But who cares? This thing is awesome.

The wheels are so small it’s probably not even stable.

But it’s overflowing with coolass leather pouches and buttressed on each side with aluminum sidecases.

The top box and the glove box appear to match in that cocoa/pink paint and the whole thing gangs on top of a huge black tub with wooden side protecters.
There’s a leather bag stuffed in behind the seat, too.

I love this thing. lol
This probably wouldn’t even be legal here in the states.

Dennis Hopper, 1969

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