Saturday, September 16, 2017

love the wine you’re with

The Lenz Winery on Long Island’s NorthFork 
was established in 1979. 

The last time I visited was in 1985!

Back then I was designing an UpperEastSide winebar,
so an alcoholic field trip was tax-deductible!

Today the area is known as NoFo (sigh) but Lenz is still making some very good wine.

We tasted their un-oaked, white label Chardonnay because it is fermented in stainless steel tanks instead of oak wine barrels.

It was fruity and fresh and only $15 a bottle. 

Back in 1986 their Chardonnay was $12.45, 
a lot for a bottle over 30 years ago.

But maturing vines yield more grapes for less work, and economy of scale brings the cost of labor down.

The result is a flinty, icey, green-apple varietal good with seafood, great for swilling, fun at parties.

And the old winery looks better than ever! 

Friday, September 15, 2017

everything old is new. again.

Wandering the east village I discovered this wonderful mural.

Later, I searched it on Google and found it on Street View. Another mural!

Then this popped up, on the website

and this!

“What IS this place?”


It’s an event space housed in an old “Ideal Glass” streetlevel showroom.

Click the link and see another couple dozen!

And have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

this day in wikipedia

"In 1609, a Native American people called the Wappinger inhabited the east bank of the Hudson River.


They farmed, hunted, and fished throughout their range, often encountering Dutch traders,

from whom they obtained goods such as alcohol and firearms."[4][5]

alcohol and firearms

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

like Milan's version of Canal Street

By day, Milan’s Navigli neighborhood is just like any other with a ribbon of water running through it.

But at night it comes alive with restaurants and nightclubs and bars.

The waterways date back to 1179, when Leonardo da Vinci was recruited to come to Milan and help with the water engineering.

He designed a series of locks to help with changing water elevations.

The canals were needed to bring in marble for Duomo from Candologia.

But they were later abandoned in favor of rail and auto and faster ways of getting around.

By the mid-1970’s the canals suffered from neglect, poor maintenance and pollution.

But today the area has come alive with art and great food and live music.

Like the water, life has flowed back into these ancient waterways as tourists (like me) visit and help revive the local economy.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

this might have something to do with it

You know we back, right?
Clear the streets out
Come on with it, ha-ha, Star Trak
Niggas is haters, I'm doin' deals like the majors
Ice Cream sneakers, I signed my first skater
So you can pay three and buy yourself some Bapestas
Bulletproof under t-shirts because they hate us

Do like Snoop say step your game up
Double-decker boat nigga, Meditterane up
D-Class action cuts, tuck your chain up
Liberace fingers, niggas hit Lorraine up

Just last week, I was out in Aspen
Me and Puff hoppin' off the plane, both us laughin'

A week before that, I was out in Italy
Italian heart throbs could not get rid of me
Up in Donatella's crib, me and like ten hoes
Call from the cell phone, give me that Enzo
I know what your thinkin' yeah me too
Okay everybody meet Mr. Me Too.

Been two years, like I was paddy wagon cruisin'
The streets was yours, you're dunce cappin' and kazooin'
I was just assumin' you'd keep the coke movin'
But I got one question, fuck y'all been doin'?

Pyrex stirs turned into Cavalli furs
The full length cat, when I wave, the kitty purrs
All my niggas caked up, sellin' gray and beige dust
Had that money right or end up in the trunk taped up.

We don't chase and duck, we only raise the bucks
Peel money rolls 'til our thumbs get the paper cuts
Chill retardo, South Beach Gallardo
Teals started up, go brrr like it's Nardo

Women, if you love me, please let me know
Tie rags around your neck and learn the sets we throw
These are the days of our lives and I'm sorry to the fans
But the crackers weren't playin' fair at Jive.

I know, I know, yeap yeah, you too
Okay we get it, yeap yeah you too
I know, I know, yeap yeah, you too
Okay, everybody meet Mr. Me Too
I know, I know, yeap yeah, you too
Okay we get it, yeap yeah you too
I know, I know, yeap yeah, you too
Okay, everybody meet Mr. Me Too
I know what you thinkin' why I call you Me Too?

Cause everythin' I say, I got you sayin' me too
I say I got a Benz, so you said me too
You hangin' out the window so they can see you
But you ain't hangin' out the window
When you in that G2 or that G3 or G4 like we do
Star Trek, Clipse, Malice, come on
Wanna know the time? Better clock us.

Niggas bite the style from the shoes to the watches
We cloud hoppers, tailored suits like we mobsters
Break down keys into dimes and sell them like Gobstoppers
Who gon' stop us
Not a goddamn one of you
Mean with the Re-Up, nigga we street tumblers
Ivory white, yeah that's the same color.

Of the Azure nigga, best believe it's the Mulliner
Take no prisoners, rap niggas are whisperers
Choke on your own spit just as soon as you mention us
Champagne corks, kicks by Louis sports and
Keep my hoes in Pucc' and Charles Jourdan
Cop it, chrome it, touch-screen component
Mink on the floor, make you hot, don't it?

You don't wanna know what the fuck I spent on it
Tomorrow ain't promised so we live for the moment.