Tuesday, March 18, 2014

the truth is hidden outback

Everybody is out to make a buck, even at the expense of United Nations World Heritage protection.

So is the Australian government by exploiting protected, old growth forests in Tasmania.

Rivers that once flowed unfettered are now dammed and damaging wildlife.

The government got caught in a lie last week.

It assured the United Nations that 182,000 acres had already been despoiled and might as well be given to the loggers.

Except that photo evidence from ecology groups show that 90% of the land in question is actually “pristine, magnificent forest” not yet touched by human influence.

There is little doubt some business and some politician stood to gain. For now they have some explaining to do.


Australia is the only continent not connected at one time by landbridge to the rest of the world, so their flora and fauna evolved separately and differently from ours.

It’s immaculate and unique.

But not for much longer 
if the Australian government has its way.

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