Monday, March 17, 2014

leading from behind


Mayor Bill deBlasio handed the St. Patrick’s Day organizers the prize they sought today: 

Our Mayor bailed on the tradition of marching in the green to avoid discriminatory practices of the organizers.


Mayor Koch, wcpo

But that was the easy, political way out.

Mayor Dinkins, wsj

A leader with the courage of his convictions would have marched wearing a rainbow tie and a big, green shamrock on his lapel.

Just let them TRY to tell the Mayor HE can’t march.
Mayor Giuliani, nydailynews

Bill deBlasio should have upheld New York tradition, 
put gay pride front and center in the spotlight 
and shoved bigotry right up the asses of the organizer’s. 

Where it belongs.

Mayor Bloomberg, wsj

But no. 

Bill deBlasio slipped out the back door.


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