Friday, May 4, 2012

and the rats will have moved on

This beat up old warehouse at 173rd and West Farms Road is scheduled for imminent demolition. It’s been used for hot dogs and food and it’s damp inside and there is a sense in the air of the rats who live there.

It’s also covered in graffiti so the pieces overlap and the paint has built up to noticeable thickness. The owner was known to encourage it.

There’s a Shepard Fairey peel and stick there, too, although it’s anyone’s guess if it is really his or some local knockoff.

But the building itself is cool.

Valeri Larko thinks it’s cool, too. She is painting this warehouse before they tear it down.

She’s been painting “decaying structures” since the 1990’s and has a show in a Chelsea gallery coming up in June. By then this building will be gone.


  1. Hi Gregory!

    It was good to meet you while I was painting at the site. Just a clarification regarding the building. It has been sold, but I was told it would be at least 7-8 months before it's torn down, maybe longer.

    My show in Chelsea opens on June 28 at the J. Cacciola Gallery 537 West 23rd Street and runs through July 31, 2012.

    I hope to have this painting in the show.

    Thanks for taking this great photos!

    Valeri Larko

  2. Valeri! So good to hear from you and thanks for stopping by! I would love to come to your show's opening on 6.28. Any other ClockTowerTenants who would like to go hit me up.