Tuesday, May 17, 2016

race relations

2002 was a banner year for the Indianapolis 500.

Indy Car Series racer Sam Hornish Jr. was just 22 years old when he won the series championship, the youngest in Indy history.

He did it in a Panther racing team Chevolet.

This one!

He went on to win the Indy500 in 2006.

A typical Indy Car makes about 650 hp.

It weighs about 1525 pounds.

And costs over $500,000.

A new Ford Mustang will produce 350hp but can weigh upwards
 of 3,800 pounds.

But it will only set you back about $30K.

This month is the "100th running" of the famed Indianapolis event.

I'm in my 64th walking. So to speak.

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