Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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With Easter right around the corner and the California bunny death toll spiraling, Mountain View City Council is split on what to do. 

Mountain View is a suburb of San Francisco and notable for being home to Google.

But there is concern that feral cat gangs are killing off the local bunny and bird population, but the cat lobby is stalling protective regulation. 


The Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society states that cats kill billions of small mammals and birds every year, so much so that 33% of all migratory species are in decline.

Wild rabbits are stalked and captured, 
then tortured and left for dead.

The cats are noticeably not in decline but would be, if city council members had their way.

They are pushing new regulation to protect the threatened natural wildlife in the North Bayshore region.


This doesn’t seem all that complicated to me.

A) If they want their wildlife dead, leave cats alone. 
B) But if Mountain View wants birds and bunnies for next Easter, they know what to do.


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