Sunday, February 6, 2011

Spread your wings (and cry)

It’s SuperBowl weekend and all across America chicken wings are heading for the oven. Mine, too. They’re easy, spicy and delicious.

The WesternBeef had a weekend special on wings that are inexpensive, quite large and very meaty. Roast them hot at 400 degrees for about an hour or so with salt and pepper, then baste them with their drippings for 10 or 15 minutes more until they are golden and crispy, like this.

While they roast we’ll make a sauce. 
Here’s the standard line-up.

Melt a stick of butter very slowly….

...then get the hot stuff going.

The Chipotle is from the supermarket. Add two tablespoons of that to start. Habenero works just as well.

The powdered red chile is from Little India at 28th and Lex. Add NO MORE than one scant teaspoon, you can always add more later. Don’t get it into your eyes or on any mucous membrane while it’s still raw. Seriously. You should need training and a licence just to handle this stuff.

Now add 5 tbs white vinegar, a teaspoon of garlic salt, three tablespoons of Worcestershire, a couple tablespoons of soy sauce and then two more tablespoons of a good steak sauce. A bit of tabasco is nice if you have it, too. Mix it all around on very low heat.
Gently warm the sauce and taste it. Delicately. YO. Spicy enough for ya? (My eyes are tearing up) Adjust as you see fit. Has an hour-fifteen passed? Are the wings done?

Add the wings to the sauce and spoon it over and over to coat.

Now don’t forget to deglaze the baking sheet with a little water for your container in the freezer. Get every bit of that roasted chicken flavor for your next batch of stock.

Okay, I’m digging in. 
WOW. (sniff) Hot. 
Whoooof damn. (cough) I’m getting a beer. Want one?