Saturday, December 14, 2013

a little bit hot

Calientito opened right across the avenue at #141, but is worth a trip from anywhere.

I’ve been in for breakfast twice.

First, Eva served up pancakes, eggs and sausage.


This morning I ordered mangu (mashed plantains) with pickled onion, fried cheese and dominican salami.

With two soft, farm fresh eggs.

Are you kidding?

This stuff is delicious. And very affordable.

The neighborhood is already catching on.

Watch this space for the Calientito meal of the week, delivered (if you want) right to your door.

This is not gringo Dominican.

This is the real deal, prepared by an older Dominican lady.

Come very hungry. And!

The woman on the second floor approves.

I do, too. Bigtime. Comer.

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