Saturday, October 10, 2015

sushi to the third power

Every modern nation has its fastfood. 

Burgers in America are like cod in Scandinavia and raw fish to the Japanese.


Excellent tempura is everywhere in Japan.

So is delicious, hand-assembled Ramen.

We even saw charcoal-grilled, street oysters as a snack.

But nothing even comes close to Japan’s obsession with fast sushi.

The assemblage, plating and service is so automated that 15 sushi chefs can keep almost 200 people eating.

How do they do it? Conveyor belts.
Sushi restaurants are designed and built for efficiency, and color coding helps you quickly sort the prices.

These colors range from $1.25 to about $5.50 for the plate.
 It adds up fast.

But that’s in part because of the speed at which it is selected, prepared, delivered and consumed.

This fun video will blow your mind. 

Japanese sushi 1) service and 2) selection is a 3) science.

Have a great Saturday night!

(eely good)

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