Saturday, June 9, 2012

noodles, be bowled

McBurger’s hold our fastfood top spot, 
but udon is what’s eaten in Japan.

In Kyoto, Marugame Seimen is the local udon joint, right across and down the block from our hotel.

They make the noodles right here, rolled out and cut into strips on a big machine and then boiled until your eyeglasses steam. 
lol @ the finger-chop graphic!

This is a lively place. We ate here three times it was so fast and cheap and good.

The basic bowl is 500yen, about three bucks, and you add toppings like tempura, deep fried tofu and other stuff from there.
I think I’m missing Japanese food.


  1. Ssttoopppp it!

    That was just cruel.

  2. Just wait. I haven't even done the tempura or soba dinners yet. Or the ramen, the upscale place and that ramen-dive along the canal we loved so well. Are you not eating well in Morocco?
    I'd imagine deep fried scorpions. And couscous.