Saturday, January 4, 2014

et tu?

We like leftovers around here and what leftover doesn’t benefit from a fried egg? 
Or two.

I had some shallots and two halves of roasted winter squash on hand; half an acorn and half a butternut. 
So I whipped up some linguini and put the shallots into the oven.

This is easy to remember, it uses two of just about everything. Start the pasta water now.

Take about a pound of shallots, peel them and sauté them brown in two tablespoons of olive oil mixed with two tablespoons of brown sugar. 

When they brown and the sugar caramelizes dump in two tablespoons of sherry, two more of balsamic vinegar, two more of chopped fresh thyme.

Salt a little, grate some pepper, mix it about and put them into a hot 375oven to soften further.
Now make your pasta, then peel, cube and nuke the leftover squash, slip a soft fried egg on top. 
Oh yeah. :-)

Place your roasted shallots around the perimeter and grate more pepper and good reggiano or padano over the whole thing.

Quick winter supper with a glass of cabernet, too good!

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