Sunday, January 5, 2014

as dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly

A Dominican tradition is the decorating of the “Charamicos” which in Dominican slang refers to dry tree leaves, and branches.

Calientito’s Christmas tree is in this tradition, a tree fashioned from the dried leaves of the yagrumo. (Yah-groo-mo)

Yagrumo is a Caribbean term meaning any of a wide range of broadleafed, rainforest trees.
When dried the leaves turn white, “snow” when the average yearly temperature hovers around 80 degrees fahrenheit.

The Poinsettia or Flor de Pascua is also common on the island, thriving in the warm humidity. It’s known locally as the “Star of the birth of Christ.”

Today is the 12th and final day of Christmas and this yagrumo tree won’t be up again ‘til next year.

But the food is there right now. 

Come hungry and you'll never leaf. 

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