Monday, July 13, 2015

beginning just 5 blocks from here

There is so much real estate development around our ClockTower, it is easy to miss the property value explosion just to the east.

First it was Fresh Direct, beginning about three years ago.

The city has been promising us a Randall’s Island Connector for a couple years as well.

It is still incomplete and unopened as of last Saturday.

But the Port Morris Distillery is thriving.

And the Bronx Brewery is positioned so well we should all be envious of their foresight.

Now SilverCup Studios from Long Island City has announced they will open a new production facility at Locust and 139th.

And Bette Midler’s NY Restoration Project has her eyes on two piers at 132nd and 134th. 

The 132nd Street Pier is appealing because it connects to a possible Greenway that could pass right by the Connector.


And the 134th Street pier features gantries (!) left over from a ferry service that stopped in the 1960’s.

If you have visions of property ownership, Port Morris to the east is already the next Bronx frontier!


You can bet this is just the beginning.

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