Sunday, March 9, 2014

snow job

To be fair to our new Mayor, 
he’s had a lot of snow to shovel since taking city office. 

I was alarmed at his Marxist economic agenda, as expressed back on the 29th of January.

Now our Mayor makes clear he intends to diminish advantages of our best students to create a more “fair” educational system.

There are tough academic requirements 
to make the cut for a Charter school enrollment. 

So Charter’s are on the rise because they work.

Except in Mayor Bill’s world, that’s not “fair” because some kids don’t make the cut.

Instead of compelling achievement among the lower ranks, he wants the Charter Schools to pay new rent in space the city has long provided. 

But they can’t. It’s a strategy.

This will shutter them and he knows it.

It sends 600 of our best students back to public school if he succeeds.

Good thinking, Bill.

Hinder the achievers who work the hardest.

Then tell us this is “fair”.

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