Wednesday, February 22, 2017

cultural enrichment

Trump misspoke again and the left sniggered again and we are left again to discover truth for ourselves.

Here’s a fact:
There is nothing new to reports of 
Islamic migrant criminals in Sweden:

Here’s another fact: 

Two weeks ago Peter Springaire, a Swedish Police Inspector with 47 years on the Örebro force posted about criminal immigrants beginning with 

“I’m so f**king tired.”

He listed one week in crime in little Örebro

with the list of 'suspected perpetrators’:

[his words] “again, again, again…”

Want another fact?

Amir Rostami, Iranian authority on Swedish immigrant crime
 at Stockholm University recently said: 

So welcome to Sweden.
At least know what you are laughing about.

Another fact:

Islamic migrants set fire to cars and rioted in Sweden 
last Monday night.

In Sweden, 
migrants are no f**cking, laughing matter.

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