Friday, November 7, 2014

meet the new boss

Pays worse than the old boss.

With revenue of $2.85 billion and the largest newspaper circulation in Europe, German publisher Axel Springer was the natural European leader to stand up to Google.

Afterall, Google has been indexing and re-publishing their work for years, making almost $60 billion in ad revenue in 2013.

“Surely Google should pay back to the publishers for the use of a publishers work” 
resolved a recent EU anti-trust Commission.


Two years ago I was following this story when Europe brought legal action and demanded Google pay a publication tax.

“Without us you have nothing.” the media giants sniffed.

Bad move. 

No longer appearing in Google News, 
Axel Springers traffic plunged 80% in just a few days.

Europe's largest publisher disappeared. 

So they had to beg to come back.

Without Google we don’t exist, 

and the EU Commission thinks that’s finally too much power for one company.

Have a great weekend. And don’t disappear.

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