Monday, August 1, 2016

he said CockFosters

Take the Picadilly Line nortbound towards CockFosters and you’ll arrive at the Arsenal Station.

The Arsenal football (soccer) club is legendary, playing in the premier league since 1893.


They average an astounding near-full house at every game.

But when a new stadium was needed, 
the “Hillsborough Disaster” loomed large. 

Almost 100 people lost their lives in 1989 when a human crush trapped the doomed against locked fences.

Emirates Stadium was designed to eliminate that risk, and I visited on a very rainy English morning to look around. 

The path I walked from the tube around the stadium is marked in red.

A large turquoise entry control point also holds the pro shop.

Plus, concrete letters at one of the bridges also help with crowd control.


Naturally I needed a shirt against the chill. ;-)

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