Sunday, July 31, 2016

soul in one

With the heat on priests for child molestation, West Palm Beach 
Rev. Francis Guinan turned to vices closer to his homeland.

An ex-pat Irishman, the priest loves his drink, an available woman and a good round of golf.

So he took church bookkeeper Carol Hagen with him on Las Vegas golf tours now and then, if she’d cook the books to cover up embezzelment.

Things went fine for years until a tip from another parishioner.

On the witness stand Priest Guinan was accused of stealing $8,600,000 dollars, spending most of it on Carol, home renovations and monthly, first class golfing trips.

When asked under oath he answered that it was a “small compensation” for the service he had delivered to his parish.

Judge Krista Marx gave him four years in jail saying he was “motivated by unmitigated greed and gall.” 

He was also defrocked.

But he was set free after 3 years and seven months and guess what?

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