Tuesday, August 18, 2015

made in your shade

Denmark has long accused neighboring Sweden of being repressed and conflict adverse.

They equate the Swede’s politically correct self-censorship as living their lives in unquestioning ways.

But Sweden is desperate to balance immigration with unprecedented violence in their new Muslim neighborhoods.

And at this point, they are willing to try almost anything.

So they’ve launched colored band aids in a range of darker skin tones in the hopes of calming things down.

When Apoteket---a kind of Swedish Duane Reade with 370 stores---announced the initiative, Danish foreign minister Kristian Jensen said “I’m once again happy that I don’t live in Sweden...”.

Then the Danish Children’s minister weighed in with even harsher tones:

In America we have no racial issues because we’ve enjoyed
 Ebon-Aide’s for years.

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