Monday, August 17, 2015

but my name is on it

A broad coalition of tech firms including Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Tumblr and Twitter are protesting an injunction that would require ISP’s and search engines to stop linking to illegal services.
French tradition views “the work as the child” of an author who is granted moral guardian rights and who is legally the victim of misuse.

Google honestly couldn’t care less, 
making money selling paper towels against gruesome ISIS videos.

I still cannot see any intellectual foundation for the tech industry’s attack on societal discretion, or an author’s right to control.
And so it seems to me a better and more just victory for progress and freedom would involve moral discretion by the tech firms in power, and an individual's 1) right to privacy, 2) control over the data saved about you, and 3) control over the use and sale of the digital things you create.

Instead we are selling our digital selves too cheaply for free blogs, email and photo services, and turning a blind eye to immorality.

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