Thursday, August 20, 2015

Greece is the way we are feeling

Last month I learned the Channel Tunnel between England and France is being tied up by Muslim migrants.

Now poor Greece is getting into the act.

Greece is composed of an enormous archipelago of islands, and the tourist destination KOS (red arrow) is only 2 miles from Turkish shores.

Ferries run but they check documents, so thousands of migrants are turning up by night in rubber dinghies.

7,000 migrants have demanded shelter in recent weeks and about 1,000 more are arriving everyday. 

But Greece is broke.


There is no food. No water. 
And the local registration office is overrun.

Thirsty kids break into cars for water bottles...

...and fights are breaking out.

The local cops are getting into it.

Now it is migrant cat and mouse.

The migrants were gassed. 
It has not stemmed the tide from war-torn Syria.

If they can figure out how to stay--and with Greece in the EU-- it’s just a formality to move on to France or England.


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