Thursday, July 30, 2015

like a rolling

The mountains of Carrara appear covered in snow, even in the height of Italian Summer.

But it’s actually white marble, the best in the world, and the source for Michelangelo’s Pietà.


It all starts in the quarry.

Giant blocks are cut free and transported to the saw shed.


From there they are sliced on a laser-guided wet saw, creating slabs for countertops.

The slabs are stored in huge stone warehouses.

Special cranes pick it up and move it around.

Every slab is carefully numbered and labeled as it was sliced off the block, so continuity is assured in larger projects.

Samples are displayed in showrooms for shopping color and texture selection.

When you find the slab you love, a shop-drawing is done and the slab is shipped to the fabricator. 

They cut it to size and shape, grind the edge profile and polish the entire surface until it gleams.

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