Saturday, July 25, 2015

beclaws they are so delicious

Lobster is inexpensive these days. You can read why here:

We boiled then grilled them last Summer in the ClockTower backyard:

But now it’s time for lobster rolls, and the 86th Street Fairway offered $8.99 a pound. 

We pounced and purchased four.

There are so many different regional differences in the sauce. 

I decided to try my own, adding saffron and fresh tarragon. 

It was good. 

But alas, short of truly great.

Turns out the appeal of a lobster roll is actually in the clean neutrality of the saucy coating, so the lobster can come thru. 


I used half yogurt and half mayonnaise, then let it marry overnight in the fridge.

But it still worked.

Oh yes. It worked.

Top split buns are tradition but the BEEF didn’t offer them, so we cut the tops and bottoms off regular buns and made our own.

A little butter.

Okay. A lot of butter. 

And that favorite grill pan of mine!

These lobster rolls were a bit heavy on saffron and tarragon, but still insanely good. 

Next time I’m keeping the fresh celery crunch and seed flavor, plus the lemon, and the black pepper and seasoned salt. 

But fresh boiled lobster can stand on its own.


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